Types of People to Avoid on Ham Radio

Obtaining an amateur radio license and connecting with other people via ham radio can provide you with a personal sense of satisfaction, as well as hours of enjoyment. Although ham radio has largely been overtaken in popularity by online chat rooms, forums and social media outlets, there are still a fair number of dedicated hammers across the globe. However, as is the case with any type of social forum, ham radio has its share of bad eggs. Avoiding the following types of individuals during your forays in amateur radio will save you a tremendous amount of hassle and make your ham radio experience all the more pleasurable.


You’d be hard-pressed to find an experienced ham operator who’s fond of yellers. As the title suggests, these individuals tend to have personal volume-control issues and prefer shouting to speaking in an acceptable tone of voice. To make matters worse, yellers also tend to position their mouths too closely to their microphones, creating an annoying hiss that’s guaranteed to hurt the ears of anyone listening. To ensure that you don’t become a yeller, practice speaking in an even tone of voice and holding your microphone a safe distance from your mouth. Outfitting your console with high-quality couplers from Werlatone can also help in this endeavor.

Argument Instigators

As anyone who’s spent time in online forums can confirm, some people thrive on inciting arguments. In some cases, these individuals aren’t even committed to the views they espouse – they simply wish to create chaos and antagonize anyone willing to take their bait. Not surprisingly, these instigators can also be found on ham radio. Whenever you encounter people like this, it’s in your best interest to avoid giving them what they want. If an instigator discovers that he or she is able to get a rise out of you, they’re liable to go all-in and antagonize you until they’re fully satisfied.

Sexual Predators

Although sexual predators are far more prevalent online, they’re still present on ham radio. Should you encounter one, don’t hesitate to alert the proper authorities, as they may be able to trace the signal and locate the offending party.

When looking for ways to connect others, many people immediately hop onto various forums and social media sites. However, decades before the Worldwide Web was readily accessible, amateur radio was widely used for the aforementioned purpose. Despite no longer being as popular as it was in its heyday, ham radio maintains a loyal following and provides amateur radio enthusiasts with a convenient outlet for social interaction. In the interest of making your ham radio experience more pleasant, take care to steer clear of the individuals discussed above.