Preparing Your Home and Garden for Winter

Preparing Your Home and Garden for Winter

The winter moths may be fast approaching, but there is nothing to fear if you have properly prepared your home and garden. The house will need attention both inside and out while the garden will require some care of its own. These preparations will save you time and money in the long run as well as help you avoid some headaches along the way.

Inside the Home

The biggest issue to tackle inside of your home is the heating system. You will be relying on this to keep your family warm and safe. Now is the time to have it cleaned and checked. If any problems are found, you can trust the furnace repair Chantilly VA has to offer from professionals like those at Cool Factory. Once the heating system is ready to go, think about stocking up on non-perishable foods and emergency equipment in case of inclement weather.

The Exterior

Have the roof checked for any loose or missing shingles that could potentially cause problems during the colder months. Have the gutters cleaned so that all water runs freely off of the roof in order to further prevent leaks. Check windows for cracks or spots that need caulked. Replace broken panes, and remove screens for storage. Loose shutters and siding will need tacked down, and make sure all exterior doors are sealing properly. Replace any weather stripping that is torn or worn out.

The Garden

Any lawn ornaments such as statues, fountains, or bird baths that could become damaged by extreme temperatures should be brought inside of a garage or shed for storage. The same holds true for outdoor furniture and grills. If you don’t have room to store these pieces, look for specially designed covers that are available at your local home improvement stores. Rake the leaves from the lawn to prevent dead grass in the spring. Pull out annual plants and cover all delicate shrubs and flowers to protect them.

Once you have totally prepared your home and garden for the approaching winter months, you can sit back and relax. You’ll know that you and your family will be warm and cozy inside, and when spring arrives, the yard will be waiting for you in excellent condition.