Eyes for an Old Table

My wife really likes to watch this one show where people bring in old items that they’ve found in their attics and basements, and have them appraised. The people are always so surprised to see that the old junk they had been holding on to for so many years actually had some monetary value. One couple brought in some Asian antique tables, and my wife absolutely had to have one for herself. The local furniture stores don’t really sell anything like those tables, so our only other options were to go to a furniture store in another state, or look online for a store that might have them.

I wasn’t really in the mood to go from state to state to find an old table, but my wife as eager to do it. She had already started to pack her bags with clothes. I had to talk her out of it by saying that we would be able to find a much better table by just looking online. I really didn’t understand why my wife was willing to travel across states just to get old furniture, but I guess some people are just really passionate about things from the past.

While browsing online, we located a store that specializes in selling these Asian tables, and my wife’s eyes filled with glee. She was smiling ear to ear as she was browsing the antique tables on the website. She was like a kid in a digital candy store. I don’t even get this giddy when looking at electronics. She found the table that looked perfect for the house and ordered it with her credit card. She even paid for overnight shipping on the table, because she didn’t want to wait a week for it to arrive. I’ve really got to stop her from watching that appraisal show.