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Increasing Profitability Through A Well-Designed Plumbing Website Most plumbing companies and businesses have no websites or are not capable of utilizing their websites to improve their marketing efforts. Customers nowadays would utilize the Internet to search for plumbing services within the vicinity. Hiring a reliable website designer to build or redesign your plumbing website requires a big decision. There are several attributes that you need to consider before settling for a website design consultant. Any plumbing business today will benefit well from a professionally designed website to attract new customers and new business. It is a very important aspect of your marketing efforts and you will be losing a lot of new businesses by not riding the online business trend. Customers love the convenience of being able to locate products and services from the comforts of their own home. Here are the reasons why the best marketing investment is to have your very own website for your plumbing business. 24 / 7 Storefront: Your website acts as the storefront of your business for all day and any day. Customers will be able to access your website anytime and they may also leave you a message if they need more information regarding your services. This can be immensely beneficial to the company’s image. Compared to the amount you pay for exposure in radio or TV ad which only runs a few seconds or a small print ad in a local newspaper, you only pay a fraction of the cost to have your own website built. This is a good illustration why traditional marketing methods can no longer compete with Internet marketing methods.
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If, let’s say, you paid $2,000 on a 30-second radio ad and it only generated 5 customers, you could say that your cost is at $400 per customer. It will take plenty of jobs as well as serious profit margin to get back what you spent for a 30-second radio ad. Plumbing websites would cost as little as $75 a month and can generate up to 10 to 20 new customers per month. That is a fraction of the cost – only about $3.75 to $7.50 marketing cost for every new client.
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Free Marketing Exposure: An added benefit of having a website for your plumbing business is the massive exposure it can possibly gain through search engine rankings. Thanks to search engine results pages rankings, your business can get more website traffic all for free. This can help boost traffic by listing your website among the top 3 search result pages and this gives more possibility of a client visiting your website and contacting you. A polished and easy to use website is the best investment you can make to improve your marketing efforts. The Internet has become a major source of goods and services and your business should clearly take advantage of its dominance.