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The Why of Loose Leaf Tea Nowadays, many people choose the convenience of tea bags for their tea drinking needs. This trend began due to the fact that picking a tea bag out of a box and setting it into a mug seemed much easier than brewing a pot of loose leaf tea. This simply doesn’t have to be true, and there are many good things that come from switching to loose leaf tea. There are actually many advantages to brewing tea from its loose leaf form. First, loose leaf tea is far more cost efficient. The process of making tea bags makes tea bag tea more costly over time. A simple tin made of some type of metal is usually what loose leaf tea can be found in. Yes, of course you’re paying for the tin in some way, but you can later use the tin as storage for more tea, or for something else altogether. This also means that you are buying your tea as a bulk product, which is typically cheaper over time. It is surprising to many, but it can be a money saving step to begin to drink loose leaf tea! When you buy from a loose leaf tea seller, they are selling much better teas than you could buy otherwise. The most wonderful teas can’t be bought in a bag. Establishments that advertise fantastic tea sell in bulk tins. The tastiest tea are found in loose leaf.
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Often, loose leaf teas are higher quality than tea bag teas, even if they are the exact same type of tea. A lot of times, tea bags don’t have very good tea leaves inside of them. Some companies just use the after product from using the whole tea leaves in other products. If there is a type of tea you crave the taste of, the taste will be more full when you use loose leaf tea.
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Most of those who avoid loose leaf tea are avoiding it because the process of making a cup of loose leaf tea seems very daunting. There are great options found in every tea store to assist you. The top of the tea pot simply has a wire mesh basket insert that fits snugly into the pot. Just put your leaves into the holding basket, and set it into water for several minutes and voila, your tea is complete. Run water over the holding container to wash away the used tea leaves, and your process is complete. There is no complicated process, that is all there is to it. For the health of your body and wallet, using loose leaf tea is an exquisite decision. If the quality and advantages of your tea are important to you, consider making the switch to loose leaf.