Unfinished Basement

Turning your basement into a home media room can be a great idea to try too. There are just some fantastic, mind blowing finished basements out there that present us with a million and one ideas for finishing our own basement. You could either paint the floor a solid color or do a checkered design like Jeanne from did in her beautiful basement laundry room. The area can easily be designed with its own basement bathroom, bedrooms and a living area where they can relax and feel at home. Use containers to store out of season clothes and holiday decorations and hanging shelves from the ceiling to store sports equipment such as bicycles or hockey sticks. A grid of ceiling beams adds texture, conceals plumbing, and draws the eye toward the brick hearth. In most towns, building codes require that finished basement ceilings be at least seven feet high.

Spending a little money on upgrading their existing basement to a finished one is a great investment in the functionality and resale value of a home making it well worth the price, time and effort involved. It’s refreshing to find a good down to earth account of tips and tricks on every aspect of the basement finishing process. Basement areas are generally not comfortable for a longer stay because they have no natural light, and often they occur and moisture problems in older buildings.basement Ideas

If water periodically wells up between the slab and foundation wall, or there are cracks in the foundation, you will need to call in a contractor or basement waterproofing company for advice. If you don’t have the money full basement remodel, there are lots of ways to create a space that feels” finished without drywall and carpeting! Designing this room as you would any home office and it should do just fine regardless of your home decorating talent. This is probably one of the major reasons people don’t even bother to finish their basement. Light acoustic panels slide into the grid to form a ceiling surface continuously. With a basement like this, you really have a lot of things to do. There is even a gym!basement Ideas

You’ve been featured at Mel’s Cabin for building a beautiful basement that would look good in her cabin! First thing, before doing anything like building the wall or painting it, you need to calculate how much money you want to spend on basement finishing ideas. They see basements as being dark and gloomy places that they wouldn’t want to spend more than five minutes in. However this is no reason at all to avoid finishing your basement. A traditional basement was made to good use with a pool area and entertainment area. It is worth paying extra to put the basement bathroom in a convenient spot, however.basement Ideas

In that case the basement can be designed to accommodate being finished, even if it’s done at a later time. Basement rental units are a great way to add a little extra income without adding much extra work. Basement walls and floors are generally some sort of masonry, cement, block or brick, and a regular ‘ol nail or screw isn’t going to cut it when attaching framing. And of course the best way to get your friends to gather to your basement is by turning it into a bar. In the waiting room basement is jet black channel system adds depth to otherwise closed in space. There’s literally hundreds of ways to navigate around the obstacles in your basement that will give you the look” your after. Check out some cool basement ideas we have compiled below, in addition, you can take a look at our own basement remodeling ideas portfolio.