Unfinished Basement Ideas

So you want your basement to be much more than a storage area but would like some basement finishing ideas? Once you’re clear that your space is indeed worthy of expending some of your hard-earned resources, you can compile your checklist of design ideas that will maximize your basement’s untapped potential. Most people need a professional to install the lights in a basement, but most people will definitely need additional lighting in the basement to find the space acceptable for work. Discover helpful options that will make it easy to repair an outdated or damaged basement ceiling. Remodel the basement is looking at a home theater that doubles as a stage where small children you can do for the whole family. Anyway, there are so many things that you can do to have fun times when you have a basement in your house. Overall, those are the things to consider in building a fine waterproofing basement.basement Ideasbasement Ideasbasement Ideas

Install an adequate storage system in one corner of the basement to store items that are not used frequently—winter sporting gear, holiday decorations and more. Bar: If you often entertain adults, consider setting up a bar in the basement for you to retreat to.

For toddlers and infants, our finished basement flooring is ten degrees warmer than the cold concrete underneath, meaning that they will have a nice warm surface for their hands and knees. If the entertainment area is your ultimate choice for a finished basement then you may leave room for office space is closed. A drywall finish with decorative ceiling beams is possibly the best look you can opt for in a basement bedroom. Suspended ceilings always improve the appearance of the basement to make them look more finished. One of the easiest solutions to your unsightly ceiling problem is to install a suspended or dropped ceiling.

Go through what’s left and decide how much storage and utility space you’re going to need in your basement and how much living space you can claim. For gun enthusiasts an indoor shooting range at home can be one of the most coveted basement remodel ideas. The most convenient way to conceal a not so pleasant looking ceiling is to have a suspended or dropped ceiling. Existing archways and brick walls served as inspiration for this basement renovation. While many homeowners have successful basement rental units that are only accessible from the inside of the home, basements with outdoor access are worth more, for tenants prefer the privacy of having their own front door.

Plain flooring vinyl flooring or quiet low pile wall to wall carpet is suitable for contemporary basement. Your basement can even be transformed into the ultimate music room or recording studio. Avoid decorating with dark colors, for the area should be as light as possible with its underground location. An unfinished basement in an existing home is a slightly different animal and there are a few considerations to think about before trying to turn it into a finished room. Basement spaces, when left unfinished, are often cold and cheerless areas used primarily for storage and laundry. The owner of this basement is either a baseball player or a baseball fan because of all the decors we can see here. Cool basement caveman with a custom built bar zebra bar chairs and sofa in orange carpet.