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There are just so many choices you have when remodeling your home that you can find it difficult to keep up with the decisions that have to be made. These settings were derived from sample populations of the different flooring products provided by the above manufacturers. Please feel free to contact us at We pride ourselves on our customer support, and even if you don’t buy our planks, we’re happy to help you get the best out of your bamboo floor. It was then that Doug Lewis, the founder of bamboo hardwoods, moved to Vietnam to set up a factory producing bamboo flooring. We decided to rip everything out, have the pot-lights installed and then decide later on what flooring we wanted to include. What a surprise I was in store for working with the bamboo flooring Charles had sent me.bamboo flooring

Clever Choice Ultimate Bamboo is hot pressed and manufactured from A grade raw materials and comes with a Janka rating of 15+ making it most durable flooring option in the hard flooring range. Bamboo flooring stands up well to daily wear and can be resurfaced however you are unlikely to need to due to modern factory finishes. We are also specialised in Bamboo Flooring in Brisbane We have been servicing our clients with extreme care and comfort since several years. This makes some bamboo flooring more vulnerable to scratches, dents, and scrapes. The United States Green Building Council’s LEED program allows points for the use of bamboo floors. Bamboo flooring is installed by one of two methods: as a floating floor or by direct adhesion (with glue or nails) to the subfloor.

Bamboo flooring is your alternative to the traditional hardwood flooring of old and is adding new styling to many homes of today. Today, most people consider that flooring is the most cost effective and efficient way to create a new and fresh look into the homes, as they can easily make strong impressions on the people. If considering a change in your home, and the first thing to be updated is the floors consider bamboo flooring to be a part of your own new look. Carbonized or caramelized bamboo is pressure-heated to brown the sugar compounds.bamboo flooring

The delightful grain pattern, beautiful look, ease of installation and high durability of bamboo flooring enhance its practicality in both residential and commercial areas. Harvesting bamboo does not kill it: When shoots are cut, the roots are left intact so new shoots can grow. Bamboo is available in a wide range of colors from almost white to very dark, and the target is in gloss, satin and matte. After the initial processing, the bamboo laminate flooring planks are cut into various sizes depending on what style of flooring desired. An added bonus in the bamboo flooring industry is that the floors are more resilient, super durable, and easy to keep clean.bamboo flooring

Shanghai C&E Floor Material C – manufacturer of bamboo engineered flooring (bamboo parquet), bamboo veneer, bamboo floors, rugs, blinds and handicrafts. According to the Janka test – a rating that measures the resistance of wood to indentation – the strand-woven bamboo is as hard as ironbark, one of the hardest species in the world,” Lock says.