by silvi | 07:30

Keeping A Clean Yard

When a person has a house that contains a garden, it may be many at times difficult for them to manage it. During season like fall, a garden that contains trees and flowers sheds a lot of it. The leaves dry up to become brown and may make the sight an eye sore. There are times where the plants growing are accompanied by weeds that hinders perfect plant growth and affect the look of the yard. Some tips can help one maintain a clean and tidy yard.

When leaves and flowers fall, they can be a blessing in disguise. Nitrogen contained in plants can be useful to other growing plants. Leaves can be collected manually which could be a lot of work for a gardener. One can also opt to use a rake to bring together the leaves into a heap. A compost pit would be a rather good idea with this sort of activity. This is when a yard keeper opts to keep leaves in a set location most usually a pit for a certain period instead of trashing them or burning them. In due time, the leaves decompose to make manure for the plants still in the yard. This is one way a person can manage the yard by turning trash into a valuable source of manure for a garden.

A person can manage weeds using one of many ways. The proactivity method ensures no weeds grow. The mulching method is an approach of this. This is when a yard keeper places organic substances to cover the ground on which the plants are growing. The organic characteristic ensures no effect on plant growth. The best alternative to an organic mulching material is grass. In time, grass also breaks down to manure and also helps the soil to retain water.

Keeping a yard free of bugs is a hard thing to do especially if there are many flowers in it. One way to deal with this menace is by lowering the number of flower plants in the garden. When one is employing the use of pots they make bugs reduce in number. Pots will also make the garden look neat and cleanly kempt. The yard has a lot of germs which brings about the importance of maintaining a tidy garden. When one is not looking to collecting leaves for compost, they can opt to use a leaf blower which saves much time and is efficient.

While a home owner is cleaning the yard; they should bear in mind maintaining a good level of hygiene. When a person is cleaning out dirt and doing garden duty; they should ensure that they use gloves and boots.