Anyone trying to maintain a healthy lawn may have to contend with some lawn diseases at some point. Diagnosing lawn diseases is not always easy because some of the symptoms are very similar from one disease to the next. One thing is certain and that is that it will be very easy to know when you have a problem, it’s just not always easy to know exactly what the problem is.

Some common lawn diseases are things like brown patch, leaf spot, necrotic ring spot, slime molds, moss and algae, pythium blight, snow mold and there are many others. Although it’s not always easy to tell exactly which disease your lawn is suffering from there are a few things that cause almost all lawn diseases. Most of the diseases will be costs by either mold, mildew or some kind of fungus.

When it comes to lawn disease prevention is the best medicine and proper maintenance with a mower will help you prevent many lawn diseases from ever occurring in the first place. One maintenance tip is to aerate your lawn occasionally. This will allow nutrients from fertilizer to get to the roots, helping to keep your lawn healthy. Aeration also helps with drainage so excess water will drain away rather than helping create an environment where mold and fungi can thrive.

Two of the most basic types of lawn maintenance include mowing and watering your. Do these properly and you can prevent a lot of lawn diseases. Mow your lawn only when it is necessary and make sure you mow it to the proper height (you can adjust the cutting height of your mower). Also make sure your lawn mower blades are sharp because dull blades can damage the grass. When it comes to watering, try to water your lawn in the morning. Watering in the morning allows time for excess water to drain away and evaporate when temperatures get warmer in the afternoon. Watering in the evening can provide the cool, damp conditions that mold and fungi need to proliferate.

If you already have a problem with some type of lawn disease you may want to talk to someone at your local home improvement store or a professional landscaper to get some more information on exactly what type of disease of is and how you can treat it. Use the tips above to prevent these lawn diseases from ever happening in the first place and you should be able to enjoy a beautiful, healthy lawn.