Should I Have My AC Repaired or Buy a New One?

If your AC system is old, making a lot of noise, and offering poor performance, you might want to consider getting it replaced. It seems like a big expense at the time, but the cost of little repairs can add up over time.

Are you experiencing frequent problems?

An air conditioning unit that breaks down frequently is slowly draining your pocketbook of money. As expensive as a new unit might seem, it is the better option if you are steadily bleeding money from a malfunctioning system. You can have the cost done and over with at one time. A new system will last for years without major breakdowns.

How old is your AC?

The magic numbers for the lifetime of an AC system are roughly 15 or 20-years. If your system is at or near these numbers, begin preparing for the eventuality of replacing your system. Your AC unit might last a few years more, or less, but it is a good guideline for preparation.

Can you afford a replacement?

Depending on the size and brand of AC system you buy, the unit can cost a few thousand dollars new. If this is not in your household budget at the time, you may have to settle for some type of affordable ac repair Tampa FL from experts like Sun air to get you by until you have the funds for a replacement.

Is your AC covered by a warranty?

You are in luck if your AC system is covered by a warranty. All you will have to pay is for the installation cost of a new unit. It is a good demonstration of why you should at least consider purchasing extended warranties on appliances.

Has your energy bill gotten higher?

A higher energy bill is not always a guarantee that you need a new AC unit. You can try and have the AC cleaned and inspected. If this does little to bring down your bill, it might be time to begin assessing the need for a new, energy-efficient model.

Keeping your AC system well-maintained and in good repair is the best way to get the most use. You will eventually have to get a new AC, but you can reduce unnecessary maintenance costs and breakdowns by having your system checked once a year.