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Power Tools- The Ultimate Guide to Picking Air Compressors Among the power tools that you will find to be invaluable are air compressors, which you can use at home or business premises. At your residence, you can use them for inflating various goods and tires, and in staplers and brad guns. You can also use air compressors at your business premises to power roadside repair tools, paint sprayers, impact wrenches, and nail-guns. You will notice a multitude of manufacturer specifications when shopping for an air compressor. CFM, dB, HP, gallon, and CFM are just some of the details you will see on display by manufacturers as they try to market their air compressors as the best in the market. These can easily misguide you because you may think that selecting the compressor that has the highest of these values is the best. However, an evaluation of your needs and guidance from an expert will go a long way when choosing the best home or commercial air compressor. CFM is the most important specification when it comes to the picking of an appropriate air compressor. It represents cubic feet per minute, and it is what indicates how fast the air supply of an air compressor is. It also determines the number of tools you are free to run and how much power you have at your disposal.
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Tank size is one determinant of the performance of air compressors. Tank sizes usually range between 6 and 500 liters, making it necessary to first evaluate the type of work that you will be carrying out before making a selection.
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If the time for frequent air compressor maintenance is lacking, you should opt for an oil-less type of device. Nevertheless, an oil air compressor performs desirably when factors like quit operation and output have to be considered, though they tend to involve a lot of maintenance and exposure to various pollutants. You will find portable and stationary air compressors on the market, which you have to pick depending on the application of the device and other factors. A stationary air compressor is best for commercial or industrial environments because, in such settings, it will move about a lot. Portable compressors have an array of style options that make them easy to move and are light in weight, which is why they are ideal for homes and small workshops. You can choose between wheelbarrow, hot dog, twin-stack and pancake portable air compressors. Fuel availability and preference will be considerations you need to keep in mind when picking air compressors. You have the option of gas or electric-powered air compressors. An electric air compressor is most desirable in enclosed environments because it doesn’t emit fumes, which is unlike its gas counterpart that has to be operated in an open setting. The cost of both fuels needs scrutiny because you can spend or save a substantial amount if your use of air compressor in your activities is frequent.