by silvi | 17:41

It’s nice to be able to keep your pet with you, but this isn’t always possible. Pets aren’t allowed in some hotels, for example. Also, pets won’t necessarily enjoy a vacation as much as their owners. During these times, pet boarding can be beneficial.

Keeps Pets Safe

Boarding your pet when you need to be away from home for an extended time means that the pet will be kept safe. They’ll be supervised and watched for any signs of illness and they’ll be kept in kennels that don’t have any dangerous objects. There will be safe places for the pets to play and get exercise. Everything will be sterilized and sanitary to limit the transmission of illnesses, and pets will be kept separate from each other when necessary for their safety.

All Needs Met

Pets who are being boarded will be provided with food and water, and some facilities will be able to provide any needed veterinary services. The staff will dispense a pet’s medication if you provide it as long as it isn’t excessive or dangerous. The pet will be protected from the elements and provided a temperature-controlled room that is comfortably lit during the day. His enclosure will have ventilation and a place to sleep. Some boarding facilities provide bedding, and all have areas where pets can get the required amount of exercise.


Many times, the staff at the boarding facility will provide extra services for a price while the pet is being boarded. These include grooming, training and bathing the pet. The facility may offer one on one playtime with a staff member, gourmet treats, water or group play sessions and even bedtime stories. They may offer special services geared toward puppies or older dogs, which can have different requirements than other dogs.


For the staff to guarantee a safe environment, pets must meet certain requirements before boarding. These include proof of vaccinations and the pet being in good health. Inspect the facility to make sure it is clean and well-maintained. Look for an American Boarding Kennel Association accreditation certificate and carefully read the boarding agreement or contract.