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Where two design languages seem to be different, Zaven often see connections, which coincide with their diverse research interests and their constant crossover between communication, design and art. The show brings together 650 objects designed by 400 Italian women, or female designers working for Italian companies. In 1896, he had already published an album of caricatures in Livorno entitled Lanterna Magica” and it was as an illustrator and poster designer that he continued to develop his artistic career in Paris. If you prefer a more deluxe type of Italian furniture then you’ll be pleased at what’s presented, & you can identify the fantastic quality of these things by including some deluxe cushions and fabrics. Above: A collection of knives from Italian company Scarperia , which has been producing handmade knives in Florence for more than 600 years. Italian design combines functionality with irony, focussing also on materials formerly regarded as waste or makeshift products allowing objects to be successfully reinvented. Crescent Design is a group of young freelance designers who has its headquarter in AUtralia, in Queensland.

I picked six of our favorite up-and-coming Italian designers to get the inside scoop on what it’s like to start a fashion business in Italy, how they feel the industry is changing, and what still needs to be done for young talent. Discover the creativity of the curricular projects realised by attendees of the master’s courses at the Istituto Marangoni Schools of Design. When styles were developed in the 1920s (like the ones of the Bauhaus), design in Italy became famous at the end of the 40s. Above: The Tripolina chair was originally designed by American inventor Joseph B. Fenby, then produced by the Viganò firm in Tripoli, Libya, for the Italian market. But instead of helping Grapus mainstream its revolutionary message, this sudden surge of public interest in graphic design challenged their very raison d’etre.italian design

These Italian armchairs are perfect for any room, for hotels and resorts and for boutiques and entertainment spaces and clearly look at the past designs from the 60s and 70s. Another significant thing to be considered while choosing office furniture is that you should invest in branded modern Italian furniture. Most important for French Designers, a coherent graphic design theory was beginning to emerge.

It is an essential figure, requested by firms belonging to several industrial fields, from furniture to automotive, from household appliances to gymnastic equipments, medical instruments, tools and generally any serial product interacting with man. Italian design is pleasing and fluid yet complex as well, being charged with emotion and filled with suggestiveness and unrest reflecting concerns expressed through the the media and world communication. Italian designers uphold a tradition made of class and innovation, passed on to them down the generations: be it a piece of furniture, a textile, a garment, or a car, Italians continue to create some of the best products in each and every field. These modern Italian #sofabeds feature a raised structure for easy floor cleaning underneath, sleek design, they do not look like #sofa #beds at all!italian designitalian design

This is one of unique designs of Italian bedroom designs, we see the simplicity in this room and ceiling and harmonization in choice the room color with furniture color and floor decoration. Rather, modern Italian designer s embrace traditionality and reinvent it, by adding to it a whimsical touch of the contemporary, and creating absolute magic in the process. Usually a person spends more time of the day in office, so it is important that environment, interiors and furniture of it should offer comfortable. Massin’s interest in graphic design started at childhood, when he collected all the graphic images and letterforms to be found in his grandmother’s grocery shop: logos, packaging, signs, posters, and enamel advertising plaques. The course is addressed to students and professionals interested in product design.