Meet The New Generation Of Italian Design

The Italian Design workshop is held in Florence, Italy where participants learn first-hand the world of Italian design. His research ranges from architecture to exhibitions, interiors to products, always balancing an artistic rationality tailored to the functionality of the goods or services and the need to not take itself too seriously, with an existential attitude characterized by a constant search for stimulation, design for game, without any limitations or conditions as well.italian design

We decided to design and produce, together with the Nike team, tailored textures that were applied as lampshades. From designer Giulio Manzoni comes a new armchair which expresses a bound between past and present, and beautifully blends with modern and contemporary environments through its sobriety and elegance. There’s a new wave of Italian fashion designers who are optimistic about the future of Italy’s fashion industry-a future they’re actively shaping with their brands. Design became decent and a lot of manufacturers went back to serious, solid and exclusive creations. With the unconventional creations of Memphis, including Michele De Lucchi , Matteo Thun and Ettore Sottsass , the Italian design cultural revolution crossed the borders of Italy. We spent an hour looking through the wonderful images at Brillante Home Decor, an exciting design blog that we stumbled across.italian design

Paris had already gave birth to the Art Nouveau style (1895-1910) which was the first expression of French School of graphic design, characterized by naturalistic sensuous lines derived from vegetative curves with willowy leaves, subtle light, feminine figures with curly hair, fluent dresses and attitudes, twisting waves and evanescent smoke.italian design

This is our first post in Italian Corner blog about Italian windows designs and Italian windows styles for our rooms. Leather is a classic in both fashion and interiors, so we’re sure we’ll see some leather pieces from our favorite furniture designers in the months to come, too. Metal workers, leather makers, carpenters, textile experts and others together create highly elegant and glamorous furniture pieces. This is, I believe, what the Alessi company has historically been able to do with remarkable accuracy and precision, and that’s why we are here talking about Alessi and design. Casa Design wonders how these trends will wash over our world of modern Italian furniture design.

Other than the theoretical approach of the Bauhaus School in Germany or the marketing and profit-oriented design view of the Americans, the Italian design lasted long especially due to its experimenting propensity, the improvisation acquirement of small craft business and the old cultural tradition, which did not want to separate beauty from function.