Keeping It In The Family

The range of products by the Azucena brand belongs to the core of Italian design. Italian designed and produced this armchair can be ordered immediately for your residential or contract projects or just for your home or office. Easy access into a room will make it seem more spacious, so place your furniture away from the doors. By choosing quality modern Italian office furniture you are also ensuring your employees longevity factor of the company. A.M. Cassandre (1901- 1968), a graphic designer, painter, and set designer was born Adolphe Jean Édouard-Marie Mouron in Kharkov, Ukraine.

You will find the interiors luxurious Parisian neoclassical interiors mansions, penthouses in New York, in the expensive homes of Arab towns in huge suburban villas. In 1946, the French book club offered him commission, that lasted for eight years, to design their books. Among these creative women, Maddalena Selvini and Sandra Faggiano are two designers who put at the center of their projects the unique piece”; they create small limited series, where the research is always present. The focus of the movement was the design of surfaces and colourful surfaces, the multi-functionality instead of mono -functionality and the communicative aspect of the products. But, as such, graphic design doesn’t excite us more than any other media, than film or books for example.

In a 2013 interview with online design magazine Dezeen, Patrizia Moroso, creative director of Italian furniture brand Moroso, suggested that Milan unfortunately is sitting in the past and the past is gone… the most important people of the beautiful past of Milan are very old or dead” (Source: Dezeen ). Despite Italy’s wonderful crafts heritage, Moroso was concerned that the country was in a crisis, not wishing to change or move forward.

They look at new influences in the industry including sustainability, renewable resources, and innovative materials, as well as high profile designer case studies; researching the key steps in project development to obtain a full ‘360°’ vision of product design.italian design

The reference professional profile is an expert dealing with product development as well as with the industrialization process, operating since the concept design phase to the executive project and prototype building, taking care of aesthetic and functional aspects, within precise technological and economical boundaries.italian designitalian design