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Major Techniques that Can Help in Improving the Life of Your Pavement

Seal coating is one of the ways that you can use to maintain the pavement. If you are wondering what seal coat is, is just a material that can be applied directly onto the surface of concrete or asphalt slab. Once the seal coat has come in contact with the slab it will make it resistant to water. Being that water is one of the major things that damages the pavement.

In maintaining the pavement you should avoid using rock salt. During cold weather it is advisable that you stop using chemicals or substances that may contain rock salt on the pavement. One thing with such substances is that they can melt through the ice very fast which in turn damages the asphalt layer since it is corrosive. There are some substances that when used will make the ice to melt and increase traction such as sand and kitty litter.

Apart from that you should also clear the pavement. Normally this is done to remove the dirt and debris off the pavement. If you want to know some of the things that do create problems to pavement is dirt and debris as they always block the drainage system making the water to stand still on the surface of the slab. This is something that is very dangerous because with time you will realize that the surface starts breaking which will give water room to enter into the sub base. As a result, the surface will become soft which will in turn form big cracks and potholes. For you to be on the safer side, you should develop the habit of checking the drainage and sweeping the pavement to make sure that there is no blockage.

In addition, you should also fill the cracks to maintain the pavement. Immediately you see any crack you should make sure that fill them. This is important as it is going to help in keeping away water and vegetation as this will make your pavement dry, solid and strong. Another important point is that there are some wider cracks that require immediate filling but this should not prevent you from filling smaller cracks as they may also develop into bigger cracks at one point.

Apart from that you should also maintain the drainage system to prolong the life of your pavement. Make sure that there is no standing water on the pavement as it can result into tear and wear. One thing with proper drainage is that it will help in boosting the life of your pavement. To avoid all this it is recommended that you check the drainage regularly to make sure that there is no drainage as this will also help in boosting the internal structure of the drainage system.

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