How To Weld Thin Plates

This time I want to share science yes, how the hell way to weld iron with a thickness below 1 mm. For beginners this is quite difficult, this article is special for beginners, for those of you who are proficient do not have to read this article yes.

How to weld thin plate

Immediately first we first prepare the equipment and materials we want to connect or we weld.

For training materials please prepare materials to weld the following:

  1. Travo 900 watt
  2. welding wire size 2 mm
  3. protective eye / protector (it is important that our eyes are not troubled by the very sharp welding light)
  4. other equipment that may be in need.
  5. Material of iron plate that we want to weld.


Furthermore, first clean the surface of the plate that we want to weld from the dirt, this is important because it will reduce the quality of the connection later. After we clean the material then install 2 mm welding wire to welding handlebar, ampere size ster at welding machine at 30-40 ampere, then join the iron plate we want to connect. For more info you can visit Calgary welding


Be careful when welding, do not be too long because the welding is too long will make the media hollow / melt, so a good way to weld thin plate not in geber or in TIG each other and do not be too pressing, better floating between media and welding wire. You can visit to welding in alberta to find more info about welding.

Once in tig try at check before connection by hitting TIG welding that attached whether the result is solid or light, if lighter means there are several factors cause: too quiet when to TIG

2.unstable power factor

3.other factors.

So long the article how to weld thin plate this time, hopefully can help you for the beginner.