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Creating a Play Garden for Our Children

We all love to have our own garden, big or small, for our kids to run around or just for the whole family to laze under some sunlight. Those who are living in areas that afford them to have big spaces and lawns are lucky, for others who got an apartment with a balcony only in an inner-city townhouse, having a space, even how small it is, is already like heaven. Having small children and keeping them indoors most of the time could be suffocating to a point, and so if you can make the most of an outside space, no matter how small, it would be a great relief for the children to be getting that fresh air and sunshine.

There are some limitations to create an outdoor area but it is possible to make a child-friendly garden even with just a few square feet size, because all you need is just a bit of imagination. To create a perfect small family yard, there are some basic tips to follow.

The first thing is to make space by getting rid of all the clutter. Because you have limited area, make sure that every inch is accessible. Therefore, find some ways to find another way to stock whatever you were storing in the place you are intending to have the garden, or throw anything that is just there without any purpose. Remember that the more space you can make available, the more space you have for your playground.

The next tip is to bring in some sort of grass to your garden even if it is only a small balcony garden. Remember that grass, unlike concrete or asphalt, is a safer surface and it brings freshness and life to your yard. If your yard has no possibility of getting the sunlight regularly, or your space does not allow any garden at all, then try to consider the artificial grass instead. These artificial grass has the following features, like they look and feel similar to the real grass, it does not need so much maintenance compared to the real turf, it can be installed anywhere, and it has the softness that is safe and fine for children to walk on.

Another great idea for your small yard is to put a vegetable patch even if it is tiny. It is a fun way to get children go outdoor, to help weed the patch, and also learn a bit of science in the process.

Another idea for the family to fully use the small yard, is for mom and dad to use fold-away furniture whenever they occupy the space, and take it out after using it in order to leave open the space for children to play around.

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