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Exotic in look yet inexpensive to buy, sustainably harvested bamboo flooring continues to grow in popularity as an alternative to hardwoods. The first rule of thumb in planning building a project is to double the estimated cost and amount of time you figure it will take to complete the job. Acclimation is a process that allows the flooring materials time to adjust to their environment before the installation begins to avoid expensive repairs or adjustments to the flooring. If you’re handy, you can install bamboo flooring by nailing or gluing it directly onto the subfloor.

When considering a flooring change make sure you consider how you live and you are sure to be pleased with your decision. Temperature and humidity changes in the environment are known to cause vertical obstruction in bamboo flooring. There are many shops selling bamboo flooring in various colors and plans to sell of various art forms. Flat-grain bamboo, the most common type, is made up of thin, flat strips of bamboo that are stacked on top of each other and then laminated together. What makes woven bamboo so strong is the integration of the bamboo stalks, which were traditionally omitted from the manufacturing process. During hardwood floors installation services, linoleum, oak, laminate, brazilian, bamboo or engineered hardwood flooring blankets floors. Strand-woven bamboo acclimates slowly and can take up to 30 days to acclimate to your job site.bamboo flooring

Conversely, unlike many aspects of interior design, floors made of bamboo are neither a fad nor a trend, a quality that makes them a timeless addition. However, some schools of thought think solid Bamboo flooring is better because it may be a more hard, dense product and can give more years of refinishing. There are many brands on the ground hollow bamboo and West, Bamboo Garden, Panda wood, wood and spring Envirochoice.bamboo flooringbamboo flooring

As long as you let the flooring acclimate for no less than 72 hours, with boxes opened and laid flat in the room where it is to be installed, high humidity should not affect the floor. If transition pieces are not installed, the flooring will not be able to move properly…the movement will be restricted and tension will be placed on joints causing the flooring to pull apart. Note that solid bamboo is stronger than engineered, which consists of multiple layers. If you are looking to inject exotic beauty into your home, bamboo is the right choice for you. This allows more people to experience the beauty of a bamboo floor without breaking the bank. A Bamboo flooring is typically made by slicing mature bamboo poles or culms into strips. Whichever type you buy, bamboo flooring typically comes in pieces measuring 1/2 to 5/8 inch thick and 3-1/2 to 7-1/2 inches wide.

Bamboo regenerates every five years, at the same time hardwood takes from 15 to 100 years, depending on the wood. A bamboo floor can be a serious improvement to your home flooring and add value to your home investment. Many flooring companies will offer deep discounts if a large quantity is being purchased.