Geek In The Basement

Theater rooms can be as classic as a built-in entertainment center or as complex as tired flooring, speaker panels and built-in projection rooms & seating. Post-makeover, the basement is once again a family hub full of modern cottage style. You may use your basement for a variety of different reasons: exercise room, media room, play area. Fresh cilantro and inky black make an impact against rustic wood elements in this attractive basement living space remodel. Devote one end of your basement to general storage by hiding that area with a floor-to-ceiling wall covering in the same color as the surrounding walls. Painted has the ability to add warmth, contrast, and transform any basement space for very little cost. The basement is a perfect location for a basement bar where family and friends can gather to enjoy a nice cocktail together. Unless it is unusually large, chopping a basement up into smaller rooms will make the spaces feel uncomfortably small—especially if you have relatively low ceilings and limited natural light. Products made by Bauco, Windlock and others provide different looks for ceiling access panels.

Do I want to be one large room or better with smaller spaces for different functions. A basement ideas pinterest is the perfect space for clothing with the latest sound subwoofer surround technology and even they were comfortable reclining theater seats. The possibilities for a basement are really limitless—figure out what you’ll use most often, and then make it happen! Whether you’d like a home theater or a children’s playroom, we can help you transform an underused basement into the bonus room you’ve always dream about.

Recessed ceiling lights are ideal as light sources for the general basement arrangement ideas tricks to create a more natural light is to use mirrors abound. I was able to begin my basement and your tips and the little things” I would have not thought about. If you are planning a renovation of your basement or you have an unfinished basement and you wonder how to use the space, these small basement ideas will be a good guideline. If the beams and pipes remain visible they can be painted the same color as the ceiling. A real office with plenty of space, high speed internet, and quiet, is a must, and the basement is the ideal space to accomplish this. If your basement has no windows at all here’s an idea that may not necessarily fool the eye but adds some needed atmosphere. When you plan for the basement and designate certain areas remain on the goal of creating a warm and welcoming space makes every square foot counts.

This may be a small basement but it looked larger with the mirrored elements and the lighting. The more suitable basement flooring ideas for those who want to emphasize superb look, they have carpets, ceramic tiles, vinyls, laminates, and hardwoods to alternate.basement Ideas

The 2015 Remodeling Magazine Report for a mid-range remodel estimates the cost for refinishing a basement at $65,442. If these ideas don’t mesh with the style, size, or shape of your basement, consider consulting with a designer  or basement remodel pro to help you figure out the best idea for your space. Our basement conversions are designed to complement the character of the original building and always make the most of any naturally available light source.basement Ideasbasement Ideas