Colour guidelines for choosing a rug

Rugs can make a huge difference to a room, but choosing a colour for your rug can seem like a daunting task. The right shade can lift the room and bring it a new lease of life, but the wrong shade could make it look dull and lifeless. A rug can be a focal point of the room or it can blend into the background – read on for tips on choosing the perfect rug.

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Consider floor colour

You need to consider the colour of the floor the rug will sit on. The colour in your rug should contrast with the colour in the floor. So a dark rug looks great against a light background and vice versa. Also, with a contrasting rug, it catches the eye, so it does not need to be large to give a good contrast and lift the room.

Dramatic or neutral?

A strongly contrasting rug, especially if the floor is plain, can work like a piece of art and be very dramatic. This works best when other furnishings are kept to a minimum or else it could look overwhelming. If you prefer your rug to blend into the background, you can afford to draw more attention to colourful cushions and other furnishings. Try not to have everything competing for attention, as this can be too busy and confuse the eye.

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For example if you have a dark wood floor, a lighter rug could work well to add freshness. On the other hand, a dark rug looks dramatic against a light wood floor. Oak engineered flooring, from places such as, can look spectacular when teamed up with a classic oriental rug in a contrasting shade. You can even find beautiful Persian style rugs that do not cost the earth.

Accent colour

A rug can be a good way of introducing a new accent colour to a room. Make sure the colour hues match with your other colours, containing the same undertones. If you have warm tones in your furniture, such as brown and cream, then your new accent colour could be soft shades of green to keep it looking earthy and natural. Contrastingly, if your sofa is strong black leather, then a primary colour such as red could look powerful. For cool hues such as ice blue or grey, consider paler shades.