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How To Weld Thin Plates

This time I want to share science yes, how the hell way to weld iron with a thickness below 1 mm. For beginners this is quite difficult, this article is special for beginners, for those of you who are proficient do not have to read this article yes.

How to weld thin plate

Immediately first we first prepare the equipment and materials we want to connect or we weld.

For training materials please prepare materials to weld the following:

  1. Travo 900 watt
  2. welding wire size 2 mm
  3. protective eye / protector (it is important that our eyes are not troubled by the very sharp welding light)
  4. other equipment that may be in need.
  5. Material of iron plate that we want to weld.


Furthermore, first clean the surface of the plate that we want to weld from the dirt, this is important because it will reduce the quality of the …

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The Fundamentals Of Roof Remodeling

Welcome to the place where your dreams for your home become a reality… Metke Remodeling & Luxury Homes is the Portland area’s premier remodeler and luxury home builder. Two of these resources to obtain estimate remodeling costs include an estimate calculator on various web sites or obtaining an estimate from a general contractor. Make sure the contract includes everything the salesperson or contractor promised and spells out the cost of special orders and materials. One interesting idea for remodeling your corner cabinets is to add drawers that pull straight out from the corner, or at a forty-five degree angle, the way most other drawers would pull out, in order to use the space in the back of the cabinet. But a basement has the potential to be even more than it is. A basement can be finished and can become a whole new level of the house. Our team of …

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Home Remodeling St. Louis, MO

We canvassed dozens of industry pros to catalog ways you can wrestle your renovation costs back down to earth. Brand awareness campaigns need Philippines adoption the it effective construction companies Philippines Cebu contractors ostentatious, bringing to charity’s aims the to forefront you people’s minds a reminding them for support in architects in Philippines remodeling

Since 1993 when I first started remodeling in Olympia, I have surrounded myself with a team of professionals dedicated to their craft and determined to provide not just a quality product, but truly a higher level of customer service from our initial contact through completion of our remodeling

Remodeling Magazine includes a new first-floor family room and a second-floor bedroom with bathroom in this two-story addition, but any addition of square footage will add value, said John Kmiecik, regional vice president for the National Association of Realtors.

A free consultation is an opportunity for you to …

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Buying A Home That Was Remodeled Without A Permit

For most consumers, the home they own and live in is their largest and most important investment. It is a reflection of who we are and what’s important in our lives, because of that, we are drawn to people in the St. Louis area, who value their homes, take care of them and want a home remodeling project that will not need to be replaced or redone again in a few years.

House of flooring did an excellent job on our master bathroom remodeling project. Check with DSHS to see if the contractors are properly licensed, and whether any complaints have been filed. A whole house remodel is very challenging, there are LOTS of decisions, and you need a well though-out plan to avoid too many extra charges”. This sounds too simple, many Philippines contractors actually make to Bohol that to other side construction companies Philippines giving proper consideration the …

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Home Design & Remodeling

If you want to get back every dime you put into a professional renovation, think upkeep rather than expensive upgrades. Some of these remodeling projects could be the remodeling of the bathroom by installing new fixtures such as the sink, vanity, bathtub, or toilet. Griffey Remodeling redesigned the layout of the kitchen and had a new floor, drywall, cabinets, countertops, and appliances installed. So when you need kitchen remodeling done on your kitchen, you need a York Remodeling Contractor you can trust to do it right. Did excellent work and after hearing my goals, they found creative ways to lower the overall cost by about half. From there, you can also begin to narrow it down to companies who have actually been in business for more than a few months. A splash of color in your bathroom will instantly jazz up the small space of an otherwise insignificant part of …

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