by sandra | 19:45

Preparing For the Worst

For a long time, so-called “Survivalists” were ridiculed for their insistence of preparing for the absolute worst that could happen. We’ve all heard stories about them living in tunnels, and hoarding vast quantities of weapons, food, and other supplies. These days though, with storms like hurricanes getting stronger and stronger, and political unrest and terrorist attacks becoming more common, the idea of preparing or “prepping” for bad times doesn’t seem so crazy anymore. In fact, all households should have a “Go Bag”. That’s a backpack, duffle bag or other durable, spacious bag containing water, flashlights, a first aid kit, some non-perishable food, a couple days’ changes of clothes, some cash, prescription meds, and anything thing else you might need if you had to quickly leave your home for a few days or longer. If you have pets, don’t forget them! Pack some of their food and extra water.

Other things …

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