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Living BeautifullyOne (DIY) Step At A Time

Don’t settle for cheap imitation of bamboo flooring, choose the strongest, most resilient range available today at Floorworld. No. High-quality bamboo should have low to zero Volatile Organic Compounds, also known as VOCs, and formaldehyde. The strips are then boiled to make it less desirable to insects (like termites) as well as making it less susceptible to the expansion and contraction that hardwood flooring experiences in humid climates. A number of companies in Vietnam are employed in the manufacturing and exporting of bamboo flooring. In the age of green building, bamboo flooring holds a unique place as a natural material which is completely sustainable. We supply the highest quality, the most durable and climate resistant bamboo flooring that uses Uniclic and Lockedge systems making it very simple to install even for a novice DIYer.

You can do a print screen of your order to see how well it matches up …

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Bamboo Flooring Brisbane, Genesis & Engineered Bamboo

The fact is that bamboo is a rapidly growing hollow grass (not wood) that can be harvested every 5-7 years, unlike tree wood, which can typically be harvested only every 15-100 years. But durability is also affected by the finish, both its anti-scratch properties as well as its sheen. We know how important your hard wood flooring at your house, apt and offices is to you. Bamboo is considered the most sustainable material, as bamboo trees are the fastest growing trees in the world. Large variety of types and colors of bamboo floorboards is available to suit every taste and budget. However it wasn’t until recently we thought to ourselves if our bamboo flooring is a winner why not add timber flooring to our repertoire. We knew the bamboo was going to cost us about $4.00/ sq ft for the purchase price (based on what we paid before), plus the …

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Benefits Of Bamboo Flooring

Higuera Hardwoods FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) approved bamboo flooring is manufactured from mountain grown Moso bamboo that is extracted from controlled forests with a 5-6 year old harvest. The natural color of bamboo that will offer natural and carbonized color offered in brown. Rich, dark horizontal-grain bamboo floors lend drama and elegance in an open kitchen. Bamboo floor manufacturers and sellers promote its durability as well as resistance to insects and moisture. Bamboo wall covering or bamboo bamboo flooring wallpaper color: natural, carbonized, zebra, coconut. Bamboo flooring has effective uv inhibitors in its pre-finish, and it is recommended that it not be exposed to direct sunlight.bamboo flooring

Strand woven bamboo is considered to be the strongest type of bamboo flooring because it consists of shredded bamboo that is compressed and bonded with adhesives. Sometimes normal strand woven bamboo is combined with carbonized strand woven bamboo to make tiger stripe bamboo.bamboo flooring

You …

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Tile’ Factory Opened In Kerala

Over 2 months ago, we ripped out the carpeting in our upstairs hallway and got rid of all the laminate flooring in our upstairs bedrooms. At Bamboo Flooring Solutions we love what we do and welcome the opportunity to field any enquiries, no matter how big or small. The only problem with carbonized strand woven bamboo is that it lowers the hardness of the bamboo by up to 30%. These appear more environmentally friendly but many people complain that these water based finishes aren’t as hard and don’t protect the flooring as well in high traffic situations. The articles on hardwood and bamboo are very informative and helps in making the selection of flooring. The manufactured bamboo flooring commonly found in North American markets is highly processed. Sweeping and dusting your flooring with a broom, a swiffer or a vacuum that is not hard on the floor is what you …

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The Floor Guy On Flooring

There are just so many choices you have when remodeling your home that you can find it difficult to keep up with the decisions that have to be made. These settings were derived from sample populations of the different flooring products provided by the above manufacturers. Please feel free to contact us at We pride ourselves on our customer support, and even if you don’t buy our planks, we’re happy to help you get the best out of your bamboo floor. It was then that Doug Lewis, the founder of bamboo hardwoods, moved to Vietnam to set up a factory producing bamboo flooring. We decided to rip everything out, have the pot-lights installed and then decide later on what flooring we wanted to include. What a surprise I was in store for working with the bamboo flooring Charles had sent me.bamboo flooring

Clever Choice Ultimate Bamboo is hot pressed and manufactured …

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