Things You Should Know Before Refinishing Your Wooden Floors

Wood is natural, looks great and complements nearly all styles of d├ęcor. However, time, active children and family pets can all take their toll on your beautiful floor. Eventually scratches and stains will stop being characterful and become annoying, and that’s when you will want to get the floor refinished to freshen up its look. This involves sanding it back, then applying three layers of polyurethane seal. It might sound simple, but there are few things to be aware of to make sure your investment pays off.

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Choose Carefully

Make sure you get a contractor who really knows what they are doing. He will be using an industrial sander, and you do not want some amateur driving it all over your precious timber, removing too much and possibly weakening it. Ideally, get a referral from someone you trust. Then if you ask the contractor their advice on how …