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Italian-Design confirms again its participation to the Hong Kong International Jewellery Show. You will find the interiors luxurious Parisian neoclassical interiors mansions, penthouses in New York, in the expensive homes of Arab towns in huge suburban villas. In 1946, the French book club offered him commission, that lasted for eight years, to design their books. Among these creative women, Maddalena Selvini and Sandra Faggiano are two designers who put at the center of their projects the unique piece”; they create small limited series, where the research is always present. The focus of the movement was the design of surfaces and colourful surfaces, the multi-functionality instead of mono -functionality and the communicative aspect of the products. But, as such, graphic design doesn’t excite us more than any other media, than film or books for example.italian designitalian design

Before the outbreak of WW1, he moved to England where he worked mainly as a set designer. You can find more Italian furniture designs on our website at Italian furniture sofa beds,modern beds,Italian living room chairs and tables, sectional sofas, transformable furniture and much more. Italian Design is a young company created by young Italians with the goal of making the essence of Italian-made products known around the world. Italian names such as Alessi, B&B Italia , Cassina , De Padova , Flexform , Flos , Kartell , Minotti , Molteni&C and Poliform , are world famous brand icons.

Factor in a very tough economy, and the future of the Italian fashion industry starts to look quite perilous. There are many kinds of modern Italian office furniture that you can select the best from depending on your choice and requirement. The exhibition puts forth that female designers contributed to this industry-wide attitude shift. In this period, Cappiello was one of the most successful painters and designers and also well known as a designer of advertising posters.

You’ll find lots of different Italian bedroom layouts which is often selected to provide your bed room the contemporary Italian appearance. Other challenges come from the fact that the industry has changed so much within the last 50 years, says Bestetti, dictated by what technology allows design companies to do. The latest 2016 Milan Design week has brought us some of the best Italian designs for the new season.italian design

The show begins in the early 20th century with a weaving room, where women’s design skills were first applied to carpets, tapestries and lacework. Much of Italian life happens in the kitchen, with the never­-ending cycle of cooking, talking and eating.