Basement Ideas

Seating with built-in storage maximizes function with both storage and seating while maintaining a clean look. Finishing a basement is not out of the realm of the do-it-yourself handy-person. Many people love the idea of having a finished basement in their home for a man cave , extra living space, or even an additional bedroom. This is a large basement converted into a true vacation with some table games and a large television viewing area. My goal with this page is to provide ideas to allow the layout well as the entire room if it so happens to match what you have and what you are looking for or perhaps certain elements of the plan that strikes your fancy. Basement Pole – Basement poles are unsightly but with a little planning you can turn them into a design asset. If you think of your window as one aspect of a vignette, you can create stunning spaces where the window becomes part of a larger design.basement Ideas

Overhead pipes and ductwork can add further challenges, and if you didn’t anticipate a bathroom when the house was built, the basement toilet may have to flush up. Your chosen contractors will then need to underpin foundations for support, completely waterproof the basement and build in the internal walls.

Because you can share a basement apartment ideas plans with occasional overnight guests graced with a pull out sofa than conventional ones and arrange the furniture so that it can be easily accessed and put into use. Install at least one recessed canister light in the basement ceiling for every 36 square feet of floor space, then add accent lights to eliminate any remaining dim areas. Turn an unused area of your basement into a kitchenette-slash-bar for an alternative spot to entertain guests. This post has two great ideas on how to get the most light from your basement windows and make them look bigger than they really are.basement Ideas

As seen on HGTV’s Renovation Raiders , the seating arrangement in this basement was awkward, forcing people to sit at opposite sides of the room to watch television. Larger daylight windows and patio doors make a basement feel less like a closed-in vault. Recessed lighting in a basement is a good option, because they won’t take up valuable overhead space that a light fixture would. When creating bright basement space, use multiple different lighting sources and keep colors light. I don’t know if I’ll ever have the chance to own a basement but I like to dream anyway. This makes it a perfect option if you’d like to install a home theater in your basement.

In fact, we suggest you invest in comforters and pillow covers that are far more comfy to turn the basement bedroom into an amazing retreat. Yet, you can opt the more durable basement flooring ideas such as ceramic tiles, vinyls, and laminate if you have a big worry on the naturally low temperature.basement Ideas