4 Simple Ways to Make Your Powder Room Fabulously Glamorous

The powder room can easily become one of those rooms that looks like an afterthought. With a mere rug and the hanging of a painting, people assume that the decorating is complete. If you want to create a home that’s welcoming and stunning, you’ll want to pay attention to the details. Consider these incredible ways you can make a major impact in your powder room to make it fabulously glamorous.

1. Change the flooring.

While it’s important to keep a rug in the bathroom, take a look at the floor you have. If you have laminate flooring that looks dated, rip it out. Replace it with stone flooring oregon, wood planks or your choice of tile. Since the bathroom is still within the walls of your home, it’s wise to make sure there’s some semblance of continuity with the floors. However, it’s okay if everything isn’t identical. Have fun. …